How to become a surrogate

Surrogacy is a method which is often carried by a legal agreement where a woman consents to carry and give birth to another person’s child, who would become the actual parents of the child. People may opt for surrogacy when pregnancy is not possible. If pregnancy is difficult for the mother then surrogacy is considered as the reproductive technology which is common nowadays. Countless women want to understand how to become a surrogate.

Becoming a surrogacy mother is not easy because many girls do not even qualify the criteria for becoming one. 

Criteria necessary to become a surrogate 

Personal : 

  • Age should be between 24-39 years of age. 
  • BMI should be between 18-32
  • The woman should be a non-smoker and should not live in a household where people smoke
  • No criminal records 
  • Surrogate and the partner should agree to psychological testing 
  • Must be residing in a home
  • Must be a stable individual mentally and physically


  • Have already given birth to a child 
  • Counting Pregnancies which have no complications
  • Provide an ob/ gyn letter 
  • No history of any kind of clinical mental illness. 


Financial : 

  • Not receiving Medicaid or such things
  • Financially settled and sound 


Ideal qualifications for surrogacy 

Surrogacy is a very serious responsibility.  When you opt for becoming a surrogate mother, you start agreeing to certain facts. You need to give your energy, time and body. The decision of helping somebody who is not that fortunate is like being blessed by the Almighty. 

It requires generosity, sense of dignity and a compassionate heart. While the journey might be difficult at first as being a surrogate mother has its own rewards and plus points.

Also, some associate it with a sense of pride as well. Opting for surrogacy means bringing a smile on the faces who themselves want to see a new miracle. 

How does surrogacy take place? 

Gestational surrogacy helps such people who are not being able to have children. It is a process that requires medical as well as legal documentation. Sometimes two people use their own genetic material. Sometimes a different person is required and embryos are created inside the lab. 

Gestational carriers do not have any genetic relationship with the kids they deliver. Becoming a surrogate mother is not tough but it is not easy either. It needs the courage to opt for such a decision.

While the journey may be challenging at first, being a surrogate mother has its bonuses. Of course, there is a financial benefit, which averages out to roughly about the average annual income for a household in the United States. So, the experience does earn a surrogate mother with high financial benefit.


However, many former surrogates have found that the greatest reward they encounter is the sense of pride – bordering on awe – at the service which they have been able to contribute.

Through surrogacy, you are letting another young, hopeful family the wonder of life. There are some experiences that match being a surrogate mother.

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