How to get active after total knee replacement surgery

Want to Get active after total knee replacement surgery!! But How???

This is a big confusion for all patients. As after knee replacement surgery, they want to be active, but so much pain makes them stop. Everyone after surgery wants to get back into their normal life, with full of activity. Thus if you are interested to know how you can get an active life, then you are at right place.

Because here we will guide you properly “ How to get active after total knee replacement surgery”. This article will be beneficial if you are in the rehabilitation period or doctor recommends you to do total knee replacement surgery.

Guideline of activities to get active after total knee replacement surgery

In a major case, you can do your regular activities after 3 months of surgery. But it is necessary to consult with the doctor if you are thinking about doing sports activity or high impact physical activities. Doing normal activities strengthen your joint muscle and artificially grafted knee.  And it will be long-lasting.

 Maybe you excited about regular activity and movement but worried about the damage of your new knee. That why doctors advised avoiding high impact exercise.

Here we will give you some tips of low impact exercise after total knee replacement surgery, which will ensure your movement capacity without damaging your newly grafted knee.

As per the American Academy of orthopedic surgeon guideline, doctors recommend their patient a maximum of 30 minutes of Aerobics or low impact exercise. And most of the cases patients get their normal flexibility after doing so.

So here are some tips for you, to get more flexibility, and ensure a successful outcome after total knee replacement surgery.

List of low impact exercise and Aerobics


Get active after total knee replacement surgery
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Walking regularly

 Yes, this is the first step of achieving your movement and flexibility goal.  You can start walking after 10-12 days of knee replacement surgery with the help of clutch or cane ( for a small period of time). And after 12 weeks you are able to move without pain.

Doctors say that walking is one of the best exercises, that strengthen your joint muscle. Good for weight management too. So, start with small steps, and achieve your goal of flexibility and weight management.

Avoid running

Please avoid running.  Although it is an Aerobics, after replacement surgery, it is considered as a high impact exercise. So doctors always advise not to do jogging or running. As this activity gives excess pressure to your grafted knee.


Swimming does not give intense pressure to your Knee, so you can resume swimming. But you have to ask the doctor before doing that, he will check the condition of your wound, after that he/ she will give you the permission. As after surgery, your wound becomes the infection-prone area, so you need to cover it properly. Otherwise grafting can be damaged.

In most of the cases, doctors give permission for swimming after 5 months of knee replacement surgery.

Do cycling on stationery Bike

Cycling is a good way to regain muscle strength. Doctors prefer cycling on a stationary bike, to avoid the risk of an accident.

According to AAOS, slow backward peddling on a stationary bicycle improves your muscle strength and knee flexibility.

So you can track your capacity of movement through backward and forward stationary cycling. And this is the best way of self-judgment.


It may be sound very awkward, but dancing also is a part of your flexibility journey. If your mood is not so good and don’t want to do walking, cycling, or swimming, just on your music system, and start dancing with your favorite music. This small step instantly makes you happy and through this, you will get some muscle flexibility.

But again avoid jumping or high impact steps. As they would give intense pressure on your knee.

Try to use elliptical machines

 The elliptical machine is good workout equipment, without giving excess pressure on your knee joint muscle.  Just like stationary cycling, your knee will rotate in a circular motion. That improves your knee movement capacity. And you will be able to walk a longer distance.

This workout equipment is the best alternative to running. As it will develop enduring muscle.

Focus on doing Yoga

Yoga is the best training for normal people if they want to avoid weight lifting or high impact exercise. And it is also beneficial after knee replacement surgery ( with expert guidance).  Body stretching and bending increase muscular flexibility. thus you get active after total knee replacement surgery.

It is obvious that a yoga expert will guide you on how to do effective yoga, after replacement surgery. The renowned hospital includes yoga, physiotherapy, and occupation therapy to their rehabilitation program to speeded up the patient’s recovery process.

If you want to do some weight lifting steps, please consult with your doctors. And they don’t prefer weight lifting immediately after surgery, as it may give unnecessary pressure to your knee graft. After six months of surgery, you may get back to your weightlifting process. But again weight should not be too much, to avoid intense pressure.

Physiotherapy or occupation therapy is always a good choice over weight lifting, as it is always guided by the experts.

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play some  recreational or outdoor games

Yes, outdoor games give us fitness as well as mental sharpness and boost up our concentration. In the same way, some recreational activities or outdoor games may give you more flexibility, movement without pain.

Outdoor games include Golf, Double tennis, Bowling, Rowling,

 These outdoor games ensure walking and exercise both, that Is beneficial for your entire leg, hip, knee muscle without creating unwanted pressure on them. Therefore gives you a normal level of movement flexibility, and you become more active.


Here our Madre health care team give you complete guidance on “ How to get active after total knee replacement surgery”.  Here we discuss which activity is good for you, and which is not favorable. Thus it will give you a clear concept about that.

Apart from yoga and physiotherapy, outdoor gaming, recreation activities, and swimming, dancing also improves your range of motion. That’s why doctors include them in the flexible movement journey. Hope this article is helpful. To know more about health-related information, visit our website frequently, and stay updated about modern treatment and diagnosis procedure.




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