Alternative of total knee replacement surgery

Some Alternative Procedure Of Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Are you prefer surgery?? or Searching for some alternative procedure of total knee replacement surgery Obviously not. As we don’t prefer surgery and operation. And every patient wants to resume their normal life, but not through the most complicated surgical procedure. So they used to ask some alternative procedure of total knee replacement surgery. So, […]

How to get active after total knee replacement surgery

How To Get Active After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Want to Get active after total knee replacement surgery!! But How??? This is a big confusion for all patients. As after knee replacement surgery, they want to be active, but so much pain makes them stop. Everyone after surgery wants to get back into their normal life, with full of activity. Thus if you are […]

Physical Therapy for Stroke Patients

Physical Therapy required for Stroke Patients

Before I take you to the insights of physical therapy for stroke patients, let us know what stroke is all about? It’s called stroke when there is damage to the brain from interruption of its blood supply. It is a medical emergency. People with stroke often encounter trouble walking, speaking and understanding, as well as paralysis or […]

Hands-on Physical Therapy

What is Hands-on Physical Therapy?

When we speak about hands-on physical therapy we’re referring to an area of profession that is manual therapy. It is a clinical approach that uses specific hands-on methods to treat and identify musculoskeletal pain and symptoms of an injury and /or illness. Several people are confused by the various types of physical therapy and the […]

Sports Physiotherapists

Responsibilities of Sports Physiotherapists?

You’ve heard about practo healers and magicians, here we will talk about absolute magicians who maintain or rather upgrade the lifestyle of almost all sportsperson these days. Physiotherapists dealing in sports are almost lifesaver these days for sportsmen who aspire for more these days.  Sports physiotherapists diagnose and attend sports injuries. They help individuals to […]

Sports Physiotherapy

When do we need Sports Physiotherapy?

 Any sport you play, you require a certain level of physical fitness which requires regular stretching and warming up before any sport you play. Also, any sport is injury prone and more often people encounter with various kinds of injury and hence have to take long gaps in their sporting career. Sports physiotherapy, however, has […]