Symptoms of Dying from Anaemia

We all want a healthy lifestyle. But we are not ready to work for it. This is the main problem in most people’s lives.

The new adults are aware that their bodies need exercise and a proper diet. But they are not ready to work for it.

Due to bad diet charts, your body actually suffers. You may not feel it from the outside, but inside there is turmoil. The majority of health diseases are actually caused by a bad diet and an exercise-free lifestyle. You are suffering penalties because of your bad diet.

There are many diseases that occur due to a bad lifestyle.

One of them is anaemia. This name is very well known to everyone. Anaemia became the most famous disease during the last 5 years. Especially among women.

The majority of women in India and abroad suffer from anaemia. It is not good news for the world.

Anaemia is now an alarming situation; the majority of people are affected by it. Even teenage girls are diagnosed with anaemia.

You don’t believe me! Right?

Let’s hear the story of a teenage girl from Surat.

Ajanta is a teenage girl from Surat, which is located in Gujarat.

She is a very happy and beautiful girl. Her family is not so rich, but they live their lives happily. She was 15 years old when she first learned that she had anaemia.

One day, her school organized a campaign for free medical checkups. She went there with her friends. She was excited. After reaching there, they had to stay in line for more or less 10 minutes.

After 10 or 15 minutes, Ajanta got her call. She went inside the camp. She saw a young lady doctor waiting for her. The doctor called her. She was very happy to see a lady doctor.

During the checkup, Ajanta actually enjoyed the process. But it was not so enjoyable for the doctor. She actually sensed something.

The report came two days later. The doctors came again. The lady doctor, who checked Ajanta, called her. She went to the doctor, and the doctor told her to call her parents.

When her parents came to the school, the doctor informed them that their daughter, Ajanta, has anaemia. More specifically, she has aplastic anaemia, which is the most dangerous type of anaemia. Her parents were shocked to hear the news.

After knowing the truth, her parents consult a doctor. He confirmed that their daughter will be okay within 1 to 2 years if she consumes all the medicines.

But the irony is that Ajanta did not take her medicine properly and every day. At the last stage, she felt dizziness and weakness, but she never told any of this to her parents.

When they learned about this situation, they quickly consulted a doctor, but alas! Nobody saved Ajanta. She died of anaemia at a very young age.

Her whole family was so upset. I really could not believe that Ajanta was no more. But what do I do? I have to normalise this and move on with my life.

See! Anaemia can destroy your life as well as the lives of the people around you. This is really a dangerous disease. It can lead to death. And it is not uncommon.

Anemia is a clinical condition; the person who is affected by it will never fully cure it. And women have the most cases of anaemia. They are a large group of sufferers.

Let’s talk about anaemia.


Anaemia is a clinical condition where your body is unable to produce new, healthy red blood cells.

Due to the decreased production of red blood cells, the amount of blood in the body decreased, and these red blood cells became unable to distribute oxygen efficiently to all body cells.

This is the definition of anaemia. It is a clinical condition. Don’t be your own doctor; instead, consult a genuine doctor. Only doctors can give you the right solution.

Let’s just talk about the symptoms of anaemia.

Symptoms of anaemia

There are many symptoms of anaemia. If you pay attention to it, it will be easier to detect.

  1. Shortness of breath.
  2. Chest Pain.
  3. Regular health problems
  4. Cold hands and feet.
  5. Irregular heartbeat.
  6. Pale skin.
  7. Irregular periods.
  8. or periods stop.
  9. Heavy period flow.
  10. Mood off.
  11. Heart pain.

So, these are some symptoms of anaemia.

If you go through these symptoms frequently, then consult a doctor immediately.

So, we know the symptoms; let’s just check the causes.


  1. Lack of red blood cell production
  2. High bleeding occurs.
  3. Iron deficiency.
  4. Vitamin B12 deficiency
  5. You don’t follow a good and healthy diet.

So, these are some causes of anaemia.

Now, let’s discuss the most famous type of anaemia.

  • Anaemia caused by iron deficiency: If you don’t get the proper amount of iron from your food or are unable to absorb iron, then your body will suffer from iron deficiency. This iron deficiency will lead to anaemia. Especially schoolgirls and working women, the majority of women suffer from this.

Our central government takes some responsibility for removing anaemia from the world. They work on various projects related to anaemia.

Basically, the central government and NGOs both combine their efforts in these types of cases.

There are various government schools where iron tablets are distributed among pregnant women and teen-age girls.

How to Cure Anaemia:

  1. Eat an iron-rich diet: The majority of anaemia is caused by iron deficiency. If you have an iron deficiency, then I will suggest that you eat an iron-rich diet.
  2. Consume iron tablets: As I have already told you, the government, hospitals, and schools distribute iron tablets.
  3. Maintain a good diet: Maintaining a proper diet can make you fit from the inside.
  4. Vitamin-rich Diet: Don’t forget to eat vitamin B12 tablets or food that contains a high amount of B12.

These are some remedies that I know and follow. You can try this and share your feedback with me.

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